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Farmer Donald's Pumpkin Patch (disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

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Farmer Donalds Pumpkin Patch

Disney Press

ISBN: 1423117719
Author: Disney Book Group

Donald Duck and his friends decide to raise pumpkins once they discover that large pumpkins win prizes at the County Fair.
Written by Disney Book Group and the publisher is Disney Press. This book was available on the 7th of July, 2009. The children's book is intended for ages 36 months and up, and features Pumpkin and is thought to be ideal juvenile fiction. At the library the reference number is PZ7.R4724 Far 2009. This version is the 1st ed. of Farmer Donald's Pumpkin Patch has 24 pages and it features lots of magnificently colored illustrations. Playhouse Disney, on Disney Channel.

When Donald Duck hears about a pumpkin growing contest, he decides to turn into a farmer and develop the biggest pumpkin ever! But Donald soon discovers that growing a garden isn't as easy as he believed. With support from the team at the exact same time as a good deal of hard work, Farmer Donald's garden grows. But will his pumpkin win the grand prize? Unearth the answer in this fun tale!


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