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Donald Duck Adventures Volume 2

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Donald Duck Adventures Volume 2

Gemstone Publishing

ISBN: 0911903119
Author: Various

Your child will love this fantastic book written by Various. Written by Various and it was published sometime in 2003 by Gemstone Publishing. The children's book is 128 pages long. The child's book dimensions are 7.48"H x 5"L x 0.24"W. It weighs approximately 0.35 lbs. Let yourself get absorbed throughout this child's book. While you read, imagine this situation inside of your mind. We want you to get the best price and service when choosing a book.

Comic book adventure stories featuring Disney common characters."Mickey and Minnie star in this futuristic fantasy in which Mickey is part of a group that delivers mail across a hostile nation."Rather of a"Philosopher's"Stone, Scrooge winds up with a"Knucklehead"Stone that turns gold to lead, and need to travel to a lost valley to try to rectify matters. A send-up of The Postman along employing the Road Warrior movies. Donald Duck in"Luck of a Duck."Donald and the nephews go on a camping trip and wind up getting a close encounter with a alien in this spoof of the X-Files/abduction genre. Mickey Mouse in"Postal Panic. Uncle Scrooge in"The Knucklehead Stone.


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